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What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Signal Booster is a device that is usually used in areas where the cellphone networks are very weak. This device helps to collect signals from an outer antenna located at the top of the building or premises, and extends to throw it in that area, where the signal is weak. This device is a great machine for those areas, where for some reason the signals are not being reached by mobile phone service providers, and there creates problems for people because they are not able to use the phone with the proper connection . There are various types of signal boosters available for various bands such as GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G. Despite these Mobile Signal Amplifier, repeaters, Wi-Fi signal boosters, these days there is a lot of demand on industries, hotels, colleges and corporate where the campus of the institute is huge.

Working Process of Cell Phone Signal Amplifier, Repeater

These are simple but highly effective devices, which are made of just three basic elements, which are –exterior antenna, (signal repeater) amplifier and interior antenna. Signal receiver antenna absorbs the weak signals in the area from the mobile towers, which is then amplified by repeater and then finally it is distributed in the desired area by interior antenna and then process is reversed taking signals from inside to let it reach to mobile towers back. Advance boosters have other components as well, which are lightening surge protector to protect the device from lightening, attenuator to reduce those frequency signals, which are not required, and then splitter and tap, etc. To understand its mechanism in simple terms these Network boosters are simple signal repeater system using an amplifier to empower the signal frequency in different directions. The work of the booster is to both receive and transmit the signal from either side – mobile and mobile towers.

Do you Suffering from Poor Network and Want to Increase?

If there is a problem with a weak mobile network in your house, due to which you are unable to talk on the phone. And you are disconnecting your important call, then you do not have to worry at all, immediately call Signal Booster India and install Mobile Signal Booster in your office or home. We have seen the mobile network is very weak in Delhi-NCR. Therefore, we have decided to install of all types of 2G 3G 4G 5G Mobile Signal Booster for Airtel Idea Vodafone jio MTNL BSNL in Delhi Noida Gurgaon.

We have been working to establish mobile signal boosters in Delhi-NCR for almost 5 years and have installed thousands of mobile signal boosters. Because nowadays mobile has become very important for every person. And to talk normally on mobile requires strong networks. If you are not getting a strong network then you will not be able to talk on the phone.

There can be many reasons for the network being weak, such as from 2G to 3G or specifically the 4G network SIM is also correct due to switching or upgrading, yet they improved the signal strength and made a lot of connectivity There was some improvement. Some extraordinary areas are still there, where these tricks and solutions do not work. Particularly in the underground areas, concrete stacked structures, where construction is carried out on a single or multiple floors or below normal ground level, the phone keeps the signal intact very firmly. Thus, it does not allow mobile signals easily through the walls of such structures which are in weak signal or connection loss and in these places you have no choice but to take stairs or lift to exit. Find a signal and for the same phone call or text message, we have a device called a current signal booster to protect us from mobile network issues. Area device come in support of 2G, 3G and 4G GSM network.

At Signal Booster India we offer a assistance to such problem ridden customers by offering Signal booster devices that although don’t alter any signal mechanism but improves the wireless signals allowing a better connectivity.

We Do Not Only Sell Our Products also We Provide Services

So when you are thinking about installing Cell Phone Signal Booster at your home or office, Contact Us for free discussion. Our process is to firstly discuss with customer and understand his problem. Then we finalized which device suitable for clints for short out his network issue and boost mobile signal at his home or office.

Many online shopping sites selling more products as booster and jammer, but they not give guarantee and warranty of products, and also not provide installation services. We are not agree for that, but we gives one year replacement, guarantee of all type of my products with free installation in all Delhi NCR. Because many customer is confused that products prices and calling us that I have seen this product on this sites and getting cheap. We do not have more cheaply, we have quality products.

Get Full Mobile Signal With Installing Signal Booster at Your Home or Office. is a manufacturers wholesale supplier installation and complete solution provider of boosting signal with variety of products Like Lintratek, wingstel in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram. Who have been working for 10 years in satellite communication industry. Not only it is my business but we love it.

We are not only doing business we are also enjoying with my consumers and my teams. We have knowledgeable and experienced team who has providing Mobile Signal Boosting Solution for 10 years. at Greater Kailash, Defense Colony, Khan Market, Laxmi Lajpat Nagar, Saket, Sarojini Nagar, CR Park, Green Park, Vikaspuri, Janakpuri, Sahibabad, Indirapuram, Badalpur, Hauz Khas, Mehrauli, Chandni Chowk, Paharganj, Jor Bagh, Nizamuddin, Sainik Farms, Vasant Kunj Vihar, Nehru Place, Trilokpuri, Okhala, Najafgarh, Bawana, Rohini, Uttam Nagar, Pitampura, Sahadara, Ghaziabad, Dadari, Greater Noida, Nawada, dwarka, Narela, Rohini in East, Best, North and South Delhi.

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3G GSM Mobile Signal Repeater

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4G Signal Amplifier

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How to works Mobile Signal Booster?

how to works mobile signal booster

Working Process

how to works mobile signal booster

Working Process of Booster

mobile signal booster installation service in delhi noida gurgaon

Installation process of booster

Man works of Mobile Signal Booster is receiving signal from outdoor and throwing its at indoor, for which process you need to one man device of booster, second antenna which is installed one outdoor for receiving signal and second is indoor antenna for throwing signal.

We are receiving more call from all Delhi, NCR for installing booster at above 10th floor which is very challenging because signal is getting only 5th or 6th floor. If Clints want to signal at 10th floor then need to receiving antenna where getting full signal means 5th floor and throwing antenna at 10th floor where want to signal.

How to select your Mobile Network Signal Booster Device?

how to choose cell phone signal booster

GSM 900 MHZ+3G 2100 MHZ

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3G Mobile Signal Booster

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It is very important to understand, which network booster is suitable for a particular area that is majorly dependent of signal strength, where the booster is to be installed and the coverage area of the premise. The capacity of the device can be chosen based on the signal strength – very weak, weak, medium and strong. You can check your outside signal strength by using an application in your phone using field test mode, which shows you the decibel reading. Your service provider can also provide this signal strength as they have all the data with them and you need to understand which network for which you are buying your booster – like CDMA, LTE, 2G or 3G etc. These are the main points to be considered before buying it-

• Coverage Area

• Indoor and Outdoor Antennas

• Antenna Cables

• Performance

• Installation Type

• Product Support

There is many type of signal boosters are available in the market as Lintratek, wingstel, max, depending on your requirement. You will have to choose, which signal booster want to install at your office, home or tell us your purpose or requirement then we will finly suggest you best model according to your requirement. For choosing perfect signal booster you need to consider following point:

Where do you want to install mobile network booster? Do you want to boost your signal at your small office or any big size of hall? If you want to signal repeater or amplifier for small aria then you need to medium power signal booster which cover 10-15 mtr and big size of hall then need to high power booster which cover 20-25 mtr.

1. Which signal do you want? You will have to planning that which signal you are looking means GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G or wifi.

2. You can see my deferent type of model for boosting your signal and which is good one including which signal you want to boost.

3. here is available single band ( only 3G0, dual band (2G 3G), tri band (2G 3G 4G).

How to Install Mobile Signal Booster at Home or Office?

How to install mobile signal booster at home

How to Setup Booster

cell phone signal booster installation in delhi noida gurgaon

Cell Phone Network Repeater Installation


Inside of Repeater

1. Set up the outdoor antenna at the roof or window where signal strength is full.

2. Put the man booster where you need make a cell zone.

3. Connect outdoor antenna with booster via cable.

4. Hang indoor antenna where you want to signal.

5. Connect indoor antenna with booster via cable.

6. Give power supply by adopter.

Our Latest Products

LMR 300 cable for signal booster

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LMR 200 Coaxial Cable

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Pach Panel Antenna for All Network

Where to buy?

There are many places where you can buy a device, you can buy mobile network booster in Delhi form Nehru place, Chadani Chowk and there are many markets in Delhi, where such boosters are readily available. But then it is very important to understand which type of booster you need and here we guide your properly that what device you actually need. We are the leading agency offering best quality of network boosters in Delhi. If you need any kind of help from us, please get in touch with us immediately.

What Customers Say

  • For several days, I was trouble form poor mobile signal, and wanted to solution about it. So I searched on the internet then found this website, after reading this website we was thinking about installing a Mobile Signal Booster at my home.

    Finley, I have installed the wireless router in my house without any problems. And we seems it is very successful, now we are talking without any interruption with the help of signal amplifier.

    I feel very good about making my cell phone's signal strong, and this cell signal booster has made my signal stronger. This has solved all the problems like uploading and downloading.

  • I watch the video on my mobile phone, which slowed down due to bad signal. But since my 12-year-old nephew has installed the signal booster device, I can see the video without any interruptions. Thanks for making it easier for anyone with a limited technical background. Now that the strength of my cell phone signal has improved, now I can order anything via internet which I need. And we can get whole world's news entire world's keeps on sitting at the house on mobile.

    Absolutely, this is a very useful technology.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    We want to install a Mobile Signal Booster at our Alliance Air office based at New Delhi. So, budgetary quotes are invited for mobile booster equipment i.e supporting 4G devices compatible with all major service providers. The range of the booster should be approx. 200-300 sq. mtr.

  • Please send me the price of led mate booster details which you can provide.

    Q-216, South City-I, Gurgaon-122 001 (Haryana)
  • Hello, I would like to know the available booster price and quality for 15-20 mobiles for an area of our office is located in the basement, GK 1 Delhi and network is a major problem over here. Area 2500-3000 sq feet approx. Thank You. Regards

    Contact Details: S - 402, Second Floor Greater Kailash Part 1 New Delhi - 110048
  • Please send me quotation of mobile signal booster for airtel for my home.

  • I have a room in basement and there i didn’t receive signals of Vodafone there i was unable to make calls and no body unable to contact me. What will it cost me for installation for signal booster?

  • Dear sir, I need cell phone poor network solution for my office. We are locacated at E-36, saket, near igno road - 110017

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